The Cracked Vase

cracked vase

My beautiful black vase
Fond to hold my desires
Open to all my flowers
Bosom bouquet not grass
Perfect picture of tasteful heart
Tender material of glass
My piece of aesthetic art.

Oh no my vase!
You have a crack
From ruffian mashers,
Who roughed your past
As hard stones in glass.
Scared you’ll soon wreck
And scurried out so fast.

How much did they press,
Careless about your dent,
And wanting your purpose bent?
Why hide the crack at first
With lies and much pretence?

Well, it’s just a crack
I’ll turn the side to your back
I’ll hold you in the light
Conceal the spot of crack
Never to allow our break
Pardon you for the mistake.
My woman as aesthetic vase
Fragile material of glass.